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The worst foods to avoid before bedtime

Ever struggled to switch off and still can’t seem to doze off? then it’s because of the foods you take before bedtime. 

The foods you eat can impact the quality of your sleep.

There these worst foods that you should avoid before you go to bed. Greasy and fatty foods get through the digestive system slower and so the body remains hard at work by the time you try to fall asleep.

You should avoid eating fried foods to ice cream before bed so as to sleep faster and have quality sleep.

In addition, avoid eating late at night, take small portions and avoid stimulants, such as sugars or caffeine, as they will keep you awake all night.


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The worst foods for sleep

The food you eat before bedtime can affect the quality of your sleep.

So make sure you eat the right diet before bed and try to keep off the following foods for better sleep.


Chocolate has high levels of caffeine. Caffeine consumption causes rapid eye movement (REM) to occur more frequently resulting in a groggy feeling in the morning after the night.

Other foods and drinks containing caffeine include coffee, tea, and energy drinks.

Try to avoid them four to six hours before sleep.


Cheese, preserved meats such as bacon, ham, and pepperoni, contains high levels of the amino acid, tyramine, which makes people feel alert. 

Tyramine causes the adrenal gland to release the ‘fight or flight hormone, which increases alertness for several hours.

Ice cream

Too much sugar can also affect our sleep in addition to the negative impacts on our health.

Sugary foods, such as ice cream and sweets, send blood sugar levels high leading to a crash while asleep. 

A crash in blood sugar signals the adrenals that there is an emergency, which, in turn, increases cortisol levels, and wakes the body.

Crisps and salted nuts

Crips contain too much salt. Much salt dehydrates the body and increases water retention, causing tiredness and fatigue.

These foods should be avoided at least two to three hours before bed.

Curry/ Spicy foods

Spicy food, such as hot sauce, curries, and mustard, contains high levels of capsaicin. 

Capsaicin interferes with the body’s thermoregulation process. This elevates body temperature disrupting sleep. 

Also, the high levels of energy required to digest the spices affect our sleep.

Therefore, switch to sleep-friendly food diets and drinks to enjoy quality sleep without any ado. 

Also, eat something before going to bed as sleeping on an empty stomach drops blood sugar levels interfering with the body’s ability to sleep well.

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