Achieving sustainability in environmental management

The Planet’s capacity to sustain human-life is fast eroding posing a major threat to the globe environmental management but most severe in the developing world.

The decline of major life support ecosystems is having a devastating impact on the poor helping reverse the environmental decline and therefore a major priority in modern society. World leaders face no greater challenge than environmental protection and promotion of Sustainable Development Goals.

The global prosperity and security of the people cannot thrive if the environment is not protected- if the very air to breath, water to drink, food to eat, and the resources to rely upon are at risk.
The global response to environmental protection has been on the rise through past policies and the programmes to reduce poverty and enhance economic growth have been promoted at the expense of the environment.

The Global Action to repair the planet and secure its future is paramount hence the concept of Environmental Sustainability-integration of environmental aspect into economic development policies and programmes.

Environmental management ensures responsible interaction with the environment to avoid environmental degradation/ depletion or overexploitation of natural resources thus enhancing long-term environmental quality.

Nature can replenish itself. However, when the man enters the chain and overexploits the environmental resources without the application of environmental sustainability methods, then the long-term viability of the resources is compromised.

Environmental Sustainability is concerned with the long-term well-being of the ecosystem to meet the economic and social needs, use of and non-reliance on renewable sources of energy, treating the environmental resources due to their intrinsic value and not monetary benefits obtained but because they deserve to be protected. also, Ensuring intergenerational equity to meet the needs of both present and future generations is paramount.

In conclusion, natural and environmental resource benefits shouldn’t be the motivation for environmental protection and conservation but they deserve the right to be protected to ensure intergenerational equity. We, therefore, have the duty to leave a better environment for the future generation than we found.

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