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US President Joe Biden has promised a greater commitment to Kenya and the African continent in tackling global challenges. He spoke as he welcomed the first African leader, Kenya’s President Uhuru Kenyatta. President Kenyatta is the first African leader to visit the White House during the Biden administration. President Joe Biden and his Kenyan counterpart […]Continue Reading
The rising sea levels will soon swallow the coastal cities if the current rate of global warming continues unabated. New visualizations by climate central show shocking images of various landmarks around the world at the present day, contrasted with the flooding that would occur if global warming continues. It is estimated that ten percent of […]Continue Reading
Kenya has launched the Kenya Plastics Pact (KPP) to deal with plastic pollution and poor waste management. The Pact brings together businesses, governments, researchers, NGOs, civil society, informal waste sector players, and other stakeholders across the plastics value chain, to set time-bound commitments to transform the current linear plastics system, into a circular Continue Reading
The giant multinational petroleum and gas companies; the Shell and British petroleum company are facing investigations over alleged climate cover-up. The oil giants are facing investigations that, they misled the general public on the role of fossil fuels in causing global warming.  The Executives from BP Plc and Royal Dutch Shell Plc are set to […]Continue Reading
Kenya recorded a bumper year for elephant births- the baby boom in its first-ever National Wildlife Census. In the report, there were 200 elephants born across the national parks in 2020.  The elephant births were announced along with the results of the first-ever wildlife census. The cabinet secretary for Tourism and Wildlife has described the […]Continue Reading
Access to a clean and healthy environment has been declared a fundamental human right.  The United Nations Human Rights Council on Friday (Oct 8) adopted the resolution; formally adding its weight to the global fight against climate change and its disastrous effects. The resolution was passed with the majority vote, despite criticism from notable nations […]Continue Reading
Kenya will not recognize the ICJ court ruling on the maritime border dispute with Somalia; with the court’s judgment set for Tuesday next week. Kenya withdrew its compulsory jurisdiction from the International Court of Justice. The Foreign Affairs PS Macharia Kamau on Friday, October 8 said Kenya will not recognize the court’s findings in the […]Continue Reading