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Rising temperatures due to climate change will increase cases of kidney stones over the next seven decades. A new study by researchers at Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia (CHOP) revealed that the cases will increase despite measures put in place to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.  The findings of the study have been published today in Scientific Reports. […]Continue Reading
A big “black box” researchers in Australia are creating a big with the hope of teaching future civilizations about our mistakes, to prevent them from happening again. A new initiative is being developed with the goal of safeguarding Earth’s future. The indestructible “black box” will be constructed on a granite plain on Tasmania’s west Continue Reading
Men’s diets are linked to 41% higher greenhouse gas emissions than those of women according to new research. Men’s meat-rich diet resulted in 41% higher greenhouse gas emissions than women’s, according to a study done by nutritionists at the University of Leeds. The researchers analyzed the emissions created during the manufacturing of over 3,000 different […]Continue Reading
Russia has responded to Biden and Obama’s criticism of the country’s climate policy and skipping of the COP26 climate summit in the UK. Through the foreign ministry spokeswoman Maria Zakharova, Russia has rejected U.S. criticism of Moscow’s commitment to tackle the climate crisis, taking a swipe at the world’s “second-largest greenhouse gas Continue Reading
The English football champion, Manchester City has pledged to eliminate its carbon footprint by the end of this decade. The Abu Dhabi-owned club is determined to continue to spearhead the sport’s contribution to sustainability. The City Club has already made substantial progress in its quest for sustainability through multiple green initiatives at City Football Academy Continue Reading