I will protect the Mau forest from encroachers, DP William Ruto says

On Monday, November 22, DP William Ruto revisited the disputed Mau Forest evictions during a tour of Narok County.

The second-in-command stated that he had always backed the conservation and rehabilitation of the water tower, but warned that those who had been forced out would not be permitted to return.

The DP William Ruto promised to encircle the water catchment region with a fence to keep out intruders if elected president in 2022.

“The days of this water tower to be used as a political tool are over. The Mau issue has been resolved. All those who were inside have been removed. There is no one who will be allowed back to the forest,” said Ruto. 


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He lashed out at leaders using Mau Forest to create a wedge between the communities living in Narok county but instead, they should work together to conserve it.

He denied that he was opposed to the Mau Forest’s reclamation, claiming that he is on the front lines of forest protection.

He also stated that he supports Mau and other critical water towers throughout the country, as well as the ongoing reforestation work.

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