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Google unveils new feature for eco-friendly routing on Google Maps

Google has unveiled a new feature on Google Maps for eco-friendly routing to support sustainable travel.

The feature is now available on Android and iOS in US and will be rolled out in Europe and beyond in 2022.

The new feature taps AI and Google Maps will now be suggesting the most fuel-efficient route.

The search tech giant on Tuesday unveiled two new AI features in an attempt to support sustainable traveling.


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The first AI feature is eco-friendly routing for Google Maps. The service has a new model designed to reduce a driver’s carbon footprint.

The model will analyze factors such as road inclination and traffic congestion to display the most fuel-efficient route.

The feature will help users save money on gas as well as cutting on carbon emissions. 

In addition, users will be able to choose the fastest route and view the relative fuel savings and ETA difference between the two journeys before choosing the most convenient one.

The second feature is of a more experimental nature. The company announced it’s testing the use of AI to optimize traffic light timing.

Google CEO Sundar Pichai said the system cut fuel consumption and delay times by 10-20% during a test in Israel.

The project initiative joins other array of AI-based efforts to control traffic signals. Google’s vast resources could give it an edge over other schemes.

Google also revealed that it will soon launch a navigation feature for cyclists. The lite navigation feature will let cyclists quickly see key details about their route.

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