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Google said will invest $1 billion over the next five years to support “digital transformation” and entrepreneurship across Africa.  This will allow for faster and more affordable internet access and connectivity in the continent. The investment also will include a subsea cable into the continent to enable faster internet speeds, low-interest loans for small Continue Reading
The world’s first-ever self-sustaining floating lounge has been designed to create an integrated commercial marine ecosystem to pioneer the future of floating retail, tourism, leisure, and logistics. Aqua Pods aim to contribute to a healthy environment and sustainable infrastructure while taking a consumer-centric approach and exploring the concept of marine Continue Reading
A group of students is helping to cut global plastic waste production by transforming plastic bottles into ecological boats. Plastic waste management has been of major concern despite global efforts to control its production.  The high rate of urbanization has increased its production causing daily tons of wastes available for collection. Humanity has an addiction Continue Reading
The world’s longest subsea cable for clean energy transportation project has been initiated in the North African country to the UK. A UK-based renewables company Xlinks is developing a 10.5 gigawatt (GW) solar and wind farm in Morocco to supply the UK with clean energy via subsea cables.  The twin 1.8 GW high voltage direct […]Continue Reading
The Swedish Heart Aerospace, a company building 19-seater electric airplanes is set to launch the electric planes by 2026. Electric aviation will play a major role as the world scramble to limit greenhouse gas emissions. In the face of global warming, making electric planes will be the most sustainable and cost-effective way to travel. It […]Continue Reading
The carbon footprint of streaming media is responsible for more than one percent of greenhouse gas emissions globally. With the advancement in technology, people have turned to digital platforms for streaming videos on different online platforms. Even before people were confined to their homes by a global pandemic, improvements in internet connections and service offerings Continue Reading
Kenya through GivePower installed its first solar plant to transform ocean water into safe drinking water. The solar power plant turns salty ocean water into clean and sustainable drinking water using a filtrating system that desalinates the brackish liquid to produce clean drinking water.  GivePower built the solar water farm in a small village; Kiunga, […]Continue Reading