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Malindi Space Station will play a crucial role in relaying the signal to NASA’s James Webb Space Telescope Malindi Space Station will be relaying the first signals to Earth from the James Webb Space Telescope. The world’s largest and most powerful space telescope successfully launched on Saturday morning in South America and it was ferried […]Continue Reading
Huawei Technologies is Deploying 5G Network Tech in Animal Conservation and protection Drive in Africa. The support for animal conservation programs in Africa will facilitate the monitoring of endangered animals.  Through the initiative, Huawei will deploy cameras and a 5G network to capture and transmit high-quality, real-time images of animals in their natural Continue Reading
Planet discovery; Scientists have discovered a giant planet 10 times bigger than Jupiter orbiting a pair of giant stars. A large planet has been discovered around a massive pair of extremely hot stars, an environment previously thought to be too hostile for a planet to develop in. Published in the science journal Nature the planet discovery, named […]Continue Reading
About 2.9 billion people have never used the internet globally, and 96 percent live in developing countries, making the world’s poorest left far behind, a new UN report has revealed. The UN agency, International Telecommunication Union (ITU) noted that poverty, illiteracy, limited electricity access, and a lack of digital skills continued to hinder “digitally excluded” Continue Reading
Facebook has launched a battle against fake news on climate change after 195 pages popped up on the platform attracting 1.36 million views. Facebook has promised to crack down on climate change naysayers. The independent Real Facebook Oversight Board and NGO Stop Funding Heat checked out 45,000 posts claiming that climate change warnings were a […]Continue Reading
A Japanese start-up has designed a marine floating farm to turn salty seawater into nutrients for agriculture and improve the marine ecosystem. The innovation is branded Green Ocean. It is utilizing agricultural technology to cultivate seawater as a direct nutrient source!  The floating farm structure combines salt-resistant technology and sea-friendly architecture to Continue Reading
Google said will invest $1 billion over the next five years to support “digital transformation” and entrepreneurship across Africa.  This will allow for faster and more affordable internet access and connectivity in the continent. The investment also will include a subsea cable into the continent to enable faster internet speeds, low-interest loans for small Continue Reading