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According to a new research analysis, the Earth is absorbing heat equivalent to seven Hiroshima nuclear atomic bombs every second for the past 150 years. The study states that global warming is heating Earth oceans with an equivalent amount of energy. The seas have absorbed more than 90% of the heat trapped by humanity’s greenhouse […]Continue Reading
Iodine found in the desert dust is destroying the ozone layer by letting the greenhouse gases stick longer in the atmosphere. The iodine in that dust can trigger chemical reactions that destroy some air pollution but also allows greenhouse gases to stick around longer. Atmospheric researchers have for long observed that dusty layers of air […]Continue Reading
Men’s diets are linked to 41% higher greenhouse gas emissions than those of women according to new research. Men’s meat-rich diet resulted in 41% higher greenhouse gas emissions than women’s, according to a study done by nutritionists at the University of Leeds. The researchers analyzed the emissions created during the manufacturing of over 3,000 different […]Continue Reading
The English football champion, Manchester City has pledged to eliminate its carbon footprint by the end of this decade. The Abu Dhabi-owned club is determined to continue to spearhead the sport’s contribution to sustainability. The City Club has already made substantial progress in its quest for sustainability through multiple green initiatives at City Football Academy Continue Reading
Australia has vowed on Monday to sell coal for “decades into the future” after rejecting a pact to phase out the polluting fossil fuels to halt climate change. Australia is one of the world’s largest producers of coal and natural gas. It is also suffering extreme climate-fuelled droughts, floods, and bushfires in recent years. More […]Continue Reading
African climate group has called for a $1.3 trillion climate budget from rich nations to help poorer countries make the green transition and protect their economies from the worst impacts of global warming. According to the bloc’s chair Tanguy Gahouma-Bekale, the African Group of Negotiators on Climate Change wants $1.3 trillion of finance a year […]Continue Reading
China hits back at US President Joe Biden criticizing Xi Jinping’s absence at the UN COP26 climate summit.  Joe Biden had accused Beijing of not showing leadership after President Xi Jinping skipped the COP26 United Nations summit in Glasgow. China is one of the world’s largest emitters of greenhouse gases responsible for climate change. Xi […]Continue Reading
Former US President Donald Trump slammed Pres Biden for appearing to sleep during the COP26 climate summit speeches at Glasgow UK. Trump accused Biden of not caring about “the Global Warming Hoax” after a video surfaced showing the president nodding off during speeches. He blasted Biden for sleeping while watching the summit. The former president […]Continue Reading