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Billion investment needed to save African cities in South Africa, Kenya, and Ethiopia by 2050

$280 billion investment is needed to save African cities in South Africa, Kenya, and Ethiopia by 2050 from climate disasters.

A new research report published Monday by “the Coalition for Urban Transitions”, which advises governments on economic development and global warming, has warned that Africa’s urban development was likely to confront unprecedented extreme climatic events.

Africa is the fastest urbanizing continent with its urban population exploding 20-fold between 1950 and 2015. African cities are also the hardest hit by climate change. 

In addition, 950 million people are expected to live in cities in African by 2050. Experts add that this will make efficient urban planning hugely unstable.


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African cities need to adapt urgently to rapid urbanization and climate change and discover how governments can unlock investment in African cities to accelerate climate-resilient growth.

The report looked at how climate and urban challenges can be addressed to put African cities on a path of sustainable long-term development.

It found South Africa would require $215 billion in investment in its cities, while Kenya would require $27 billion and Ethiopia $42 billion.

“Three pillars will be crucial for low-carbon, climate-resilient urban development: compact urban growth, connected infrastructure, and clean technologies,” the report said.

Strong cyclones have struck Africa’s southeast coast with droughts in southern Africa, and floods and landslides hitting the Horn of Africa in recent years.

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