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Bhang Juice! A Kenyan made Ksh147 Million from Marijuana

Bhang Juice! A Kenyan has made Ksh147 Million from Marijuana by infusing the product into fruit juice

A Kenyan national is making a fortune from marijuana by infusing the product into fruit juice (Bhang Juice) in South Africa.

Speaking to the press in Kinshasa, DRC, the businessman, Abel Masafu, disclosed that he has sold 35,000 bottles of the drink since founding the company, Black Weed Nation, in 2018.

He further noted that a bottle of the drink costs Ksh4,200 translating to combined revenue of Ksh147 million in a span of four years.

He explained the business has been successful largely because of the favourable rules of the Southern Africa nation that regulates the trade.

The company started out by producing Cannabis oil but customers demanded another product disclosing that the oil often burnt the throat every time they ingested it.

“We used to trade in Cannabis oil and patients used to ask us, ‘is there another delivery system you should give us so that it can numb the taste.’

“The taste of Cannabis oil, when it goes down the throat, has a small burn. So we found an innovative way by putting it into fruit juice,” he explained.

He adds that the South African government had legalized the product provided that it is sold in small amounts of less than 20mg.


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Masafu, popularly known as Blitz Martini, further revealed that it was better for the state to provide the drug in processed form instead of leaves and that it has created a lot of jobs in the south.

“They have legalized (the trade) in the CBD. Any CBD preparations as long as you do not have over 20mg, it is legal to sell, it has been declassified as a drug.

“If that could happen in Kenya, it could open the doors for the public to get access to Cannabis in CBD. If you could get access to Cannabis that is safe, reliable, and convenient could change a lot of things including job creation. It creates a lot of jobs in South Africa,” he added.

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