A new solar vehicle with driving, cooking, and showering all powered by the sun

A new revolutionary solar vehicle-camper van with driving, cooking, and showering that are entirely powered by the sun has been launched.

The solar vehicle van duped “self-sustaining house on wheels” is all powered by solar panels on the roof. 

The vehicle was designed by a team of students; Solar Team Eindhoven from the Technical University in the Dutch city of Eindhoven.

The van is capable of capturing enough energy from the sun to drive up to 453 miles on a sunny day. In addition, it has enough energy for use to shower, watch TV and charge mobile devices. 

It can travel at a top speed of 75mph and stores energy in a 60kwh battery, so it can also drive at night. 

When parked, the roof slides up and additional solar panels fold out and soak up more energy. 


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Lotte van Dasler, part of the team, said: “We call it a self-sustaining house on wheels. We are independent in terms of our energy. A camper isn’t, and we are. 

“So I think that we make something new. A new concept, new idea and new future, a sustainable future.”

“We want to show that the future that we think is … 10 years ahead of us is already here.” 

The “solar camper van” has an onboard information system that shows how much energy is used when cooking, taking shower, or watching television.

Team member Tijn der Horst said: “I think that is really cool because if you are aware of your energy consumption, you can make better choices to use less energy.”

The team’s innovation is a great stride towards electric mobility to limit the world’s carbon emissions in the transportation industry. 

The solar camper van generates its energy through solar panels on the roof and uses this energy for both driving and living. 

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